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Recipes For Exploration~ 

Science is ALL around us it is all about exploring our world and the things around us in nature and everywhere! 
Resources for working Apologia Curriculum : 

Apologia's Exploring Creation General Science - schedules for home and co-op settings as well as study guides and lab supply sheets.
Lab Instructions and Lab Rubric 
Scientists Notes for Module One and also two diagrams for Module Eleven 

Apologia's Exploring Creation Biology -
Printable Resources for using Biology 
Schedule and Bookmarks
examples of Lab Book drawings and observations 
Module Resources from Applie's Blog who worked through the Biology course
Module Resources and suggestions for each Module in Biology from SAHM I AM
Module Resources from Mindful Ramblings Blog

Book Series for Exploration in Science- various topics/subjects

All Aboard Science Readers
Seymour Simon Book Series for Kids
Science for Every Kid Series, Janice VanCleave
Great Minds of Science Series
Lets Read and Find Out Series
DK Eyewitness Book Series
Secrets of the Universe, by Paul Fleischer
         Objects in Motion, Matter and Energy, Waves:Principles of Light & Electricity, Liquids and Gases,      and Relativity Quantum Mechanics
Scholastic Supergiants

General Science Books (not specific to a series in Science)

65 Short Mysteries you Solve with Science!
Detective Science

                 Exploration in  Nature Study

Nature Study in our home can have many advantages besides enjoying Nature. One of my son's has GAD and often has trouble getting outside, this kind of positive, gentle learning experience outside can really be therapeutic for a child with GAD. Something to consider if you have a special child like I do~

Our Raspberry bushes are in bloom

This Spring of 2012 we are using Barb McCoy's "Outdoor Hour Challenge" for "Spring. I think it will be lots of fun~also if your new to doing a Nature Study, here is a page from Barb for some helps and tips.

Articles on Nature Study  

Nature Journals: Ideas and Tips

 Nature Journals Pages

Nature Journal Pages to download from Michelle and The Resource Site- these are lovely pages I found that we can use.

Freebie pages from Nature Study Blog from Barb.

Parables from Nature by Alfred Gatty- there is also notebooking pages and a progress sheet that goes along with this book found here at the Resource Site. 

Handbook of Nature Study by Ann Comstock- this book can also be purchased all over as well, we have bought the book so I can take it with me outdoors and make notes and highlight things. 

Letters from Eden: A Year at Home in the Woods by Julie Zichefoose - I must admit I love the look of this book and think it might be more for me than the boys. I love painting and I am hoping this inspires my boys to paint and love it as much as I do~

Yesterdays Classics: Nature - this link shows all the Nature and Science books available from Yesterdays Classics. I have many on my list that I plan on ordering~

Secret of the Woods-by William J Long, a book about a naturalist who would travel to Maine and write about his explorations with his two daughters. You can also download this for your Kindle here. 

Ways of Wood Folk- another nature reader by naturalist, author William J. Long. 

The Children of the New Forest- I was not positive as to where to catalog this book. Yet, it seems appropriate to place it here. A book by Frederick Marryat that depicts orphaned children whose father was killed in battle serving their King and their home with their Aunt is then burned down and the children  go and live and hide in the woods  with a protector. They learn to hunt and survive in the woods .

Exploring Nature with your Child, (1952) by Dorothy Edwards Shuttlesworth- here is a link about some information about this book. I am not as crazy about the format for kindle for this I may look to see what other version might be better for reading, this looks SO good! :) I actually like the PDF version better.
Lost River 

The First Book of Trees, (1952) by M.B. Cormack ~ wonderful artwork in this book as well so the learner can explore shading and drawing of trees as well. I just loved this book and love how it is broken down.

Books by Margaret Warner Morley; Grasshopper Land, Insect Folk,  Wasps and their Way, , Flowers and their Friends,  Little Wanderers, ( seed travel)

Eye Spy by William Hamilton Gibson ~ I heard about this book from a blog and friend Kris of At Home Science and her other blog A Private Eye Nature. You can read about how she describes this book here. 

Printables for Nature Study

For the child who dislikes sketching and painting~
* One idea we have thought of for one of my boys who isn't as interested in sketching is to use a digital camera to capture natures beauty. He can make collages to add to his nature study book. Not all of us like to draw and paint but we can find other artistic ways to chronicle nature. 


Our Spines for AstronomyReal Science 4 Kids. ( middle school level ) I really liked the layout of this text and thought this would be a good place to begin our exploration in the area of Astronomy. Another text; Understanding Astronomy ( highschool level ) & PASS, Space/Earth.

I will be sharing my outline as to how I used these and other online resources as well. 

Great Astronomers, by Robert S. Ball - with the boys being history lovers, and reading how this book introduces well known astronomers and some that are not well known, I just had to grab it~! 
Astronomy for Amateurs, by Camille Flammarion - the reviews on this book made me interested 
Myths and Marvels of Astronomy, by Richard Proctor - one of the reviews caught my attention with the religious/astronomical influences on the construction of the pyramids ~ a high interest area for my boys. 
Curiosities of the Sky, by G.P. Serviss - again with the boys being history buffs I really felt they would be able to appreciate this author's works. 

                Exploration in Biology

Microbe Hunters, by Paul D. Kruif [ the author writes about the first scientists to explore our microscopic world]
upon considering this book and then reading some of the excerpts ( most especially on pg 177) I knew I had to have this book for my teen who is so interested in medicine.

Fabre book listing~ here is a list of books written by author Fabre, you can download these in different formats. 

Louis Pasteur, by Linda Wasmer Smith 
(Great Minds of Science Series) 

Gregor Mendel, by Roger Klare 
(Great Minds of Science Series)

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