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A place for me to share tidbits of how we notebook and lapbook with older children. Not alot is shared about this area, especially when it comes to lapbooking or using lap n notes with older learners. 
1/13 Since the boys have now gotten older, we have moved from binders to spiral bound notebooks and work our topics/concepts creating many of our own folds. The boys make their own pages now with lots of color and because of this have learned note-taking very early on. 

Here is a video from Jimmie author, and creator of the Notebooking Fairy talking about how many notebooks to have in your homeschool. I loved this and decided after seeing this to incorporate our grammar, literature and writing into "one notebook" for our notebooking and lessons.  We also, now have just the four notebooks I add art and music study into our history notebooks. So I don't create a separate art or music study notebook, I may later but for now this fits us well. 

The boys are busy cutting out and finding pictures to make as a collage cover for their history binders.  History is a favorite subject so they wanted to make a collage for their notebooking binder. I used the bigger 3" binders for them because we are combining both US and World history in these along with Geography. As time goes by we will probably have to create a separate Art and Music binder but for now keeping their Art/Music Study in their History binders will work for us.  I know we will also be adding a Bible Study Notebook as well. ~ 

For the other binders, here are some places where you can print off your own covers and dividers. 
Notebooking Nook - there are other subjects and freebies here too. To find the covers scroll down further to the bottom they are arranged by subject. 
 Donna Young- these are many different dividers you can use with in your notebooks.

Here is a recent post about Notebooking and Highschool from Barb, author of Harmony Art Mom. 

Science Notebooks 

Notebooking Freebie Links found on the web: ( besides the links above I have listed) 

The Resource Site - Oh I love this site! 
Practical Pages - another favorite! 
Homeschool Creations- Geography Printables 
Highland hitcho- lots here to use and print out 
Simply Charlotte Mason - these are for manuscript and copywork

Articles on Notebooking
Notebooking with Living Books and Highschool or Don't Kill a Living Book
I enjoyed this article from Barb, I have found we have been developing relationships with certain books all along. My boys learn best by reading ALOT from great books and then discussing and writing their own thoughts on their pages.  They retain the information much more than if they were to work from a worksheet page where the questions all have "predisposed" answers.  The boys also enjoy the flexibility that Notebooking brings to our home learning environment. Whenever they get stuck or are not sure what to write, I always suggest to them to write what they thought was most important or even just more interesting. This seems to do the trick and they are on their way.



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