Frugal Living/Teaching Tips

Here is a place I plan to share alternatives to those really expensive programs that we sometimes just can't afford to get for our children.  And also tips and tricks for saving money on things we may need for our teaching at home.

Let's be honest, homeschooling can be SO expensive! Over time I am finding more and more ways to try and save money in our home learning and home living. 

Please email me or leave a comment if there is something you would like to share with everyone as well. All tips/tricks are WELCOME!

( I will be adding onto this as I find more and more money saving tips as I go along) :D

Homeschooling for Free resources *new 10/11

Aunt B's profile page on Homeschool Launch
HomeSchool 4 Free 
Budget Homeschool 

*updated 8/11*
Highschool Curriculum ~ free CD's from PASS ~  ( send them an email~ and ask to received the teachers and students books now on CD FREE here is the link: PASS

*updated 8/23/11*

Money Saving Mom blog is a great (new to me) blog I recently learned about and has some great tips for saving money and freebie offers.  This blog also has an offer running right now where you can sign up to win $100. ~


AND the latest download freebie is some homeschool planner pages. from Five J's blog ~  another great site that has lots to offer including a "Homeschool for Free" section that you should check out along with free study charts and worksheets to things you might be using.~ 

BLOGS for Money Saving Tips and Homeschooling Needs: 
Stretching the One Income Dollar ~ a family blog that talks about how one family shares their tips for making their money go further. note* check out her blog roll also for more blogs she enjoys for money savings tips.
Money Savings Secrets Blog~ giveaways and tips for savings.
Heavenly Homemakers~ a blog that shares tips and discounts along with curriculum swaps and much more.
Our Full House~ one large families tips for saving money.
Homeschooling Freedom~ a unique site that offers resources and information specific to money saving tips and homeschooling.
Frugal Mom - a network for learning how to save money and stretch your dollar
The Frugal Mom - money saving tips
Frugal Country Mom- one family shares how they are debt free with tips and suggestions.
Links to all things Free~ *a great blog, a real favorite of mine to check out to find free materials and receive a newsletter with weekly freebies that become available.
Penniless Parenting~ a blog for frugal living, thanks to Chrissy W for her suggestion!

(updated 3/12) 

Bringing Up Learners~free lessons that integrate history, geography and literature. The author explains this is suitable for ages 6-9 but I think this could go up further to perhaps age 12 depending on what you might want to add in. :) 

StudentsFriend has a free download for learning and teaching World History.

SAVINGS IDEAS for Book Buying; 
here is a recent archived blog post about how I buy most of my books I need. (scroll down below Math write up) this explains best how I get the books I want and need.
** update, most recently I read in the news that Borders will be filing bankruptcy this will change things for me a bit. As always I will continue to hunt and find ways to get my books the cheapest and most convenient way. **
Note~ I had been researching Barnes and Noble and it appears they have a program also, however, the benefits exclude any used books that are purchased or third party transactions so I will not be able to get the benefits I saw with Borders. 

SAVINGS IDEAS for Math practice: (I will be adding to this list significantly)   
side note ~ be sure to check out my Games for Learning Page there is many more links there for practicing math freely on the web. 

I had been looking specifically for something I could use as an alternative to a program I was planning on buying.
see my archived blog post for practicing math online instead of paying 99.00 for a years registration to a program I initially was going to buy.

AAA Math - another really good site for extended practice. A very basic no nonsense approach, with instant feedback on answers given. No waiting till the end of the practice lesson to see if your on the right track! Unlimited practice for FREE.

MathABC - this is another site I just found and is really terrific! Set up very similar to IXL Math yet is free and very easy to use~ I think this one will really be a favorite for math practice for us. 

Free Math Test- yet another very comparable site that is no nonsense and very simple to use for online math practice.  Practice from basics in math through some pre algebra concepts.

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