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                  "The only way to learn mathematics is to DO Mathematics" ~ Paul Halmos

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Math Learning without workbooks ~ learning how to teach or have our children learn math concepts by using math readers, games, activities and exploration.
For some children who might struggle in learning math concepts setting aside the workbooks can be a great thing. For some it may only mean taking a break from them ( but the learning doesn't have to stop) and then going back to them later on OR for some workbooks and textbooks do not work at all and so we sometimes need to find other ways in teaching and reinforcing math concepts. Here are some resources for both kinds of learners, since in our home we have both~ 

*Living Math
* Here is a Squidoo Lens for Transitioning to Living Math.
*Math in the Home

Math Learning:
Enslow Publishing- this is a site I visit often for our youngest (there is also a middle school/highschool section as well, we have used Making Math Easy ( we loved these books) and also Math Success by Lucille Caron.

 Learning Algebra
Algebra Free- includes animated videos and a textbook

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