A place I plan on sharing things I create for our home learning~ I have listed them by subject/topic and I plan to just keep adding as I have time~

KWL page
Resources Log ( record your resources used for the year)
Monthly Grading Sheets; Science, Math, History, Foreign Language, English
Household Chores Schedule ( use this schedule to have all your cleaning done for the week)
Field Trip Log 
Generic Notebooking Page ( can be used for any subject and allows space for drawings or images)
Type it in Generic Page ( larger lines and you can cut/paste or glue one picture)
Type it in Generic Page ( smaller lines for more typing and cut/paste or glue one picture)

Lesson Planning
Weekly Lesson Planning Page ( I use these now, 8/13- I print out two and have each page face eachother so that the face of the pages are touching and three hole punch them so that when I open them up and put them in the binder I see one on the left ( child 1) and one of the right ( child 2) .

two child weekly lesson planning page 

Four Day Lesson Planner ( for those who are lapbooking/notebooking and still doing read alouds)

Unit Lesson Planner ( for all ages )

Weekly (four day) Subject Syllabus ( with core days of History & Science)

Science Core Lesson Weekly Planner ( these are for our science-minded kiddos and building a plan around their passion of science)

History Core Lesson Weekly Planner ( these are for our history-minded kiddos and building a plan around their passion for history )

Working Lesson Map ( an outline of sorts to help combine and pull together our resources for a unit)

Core Lessons - 4 Day Outline Planning Page 

CM Lesson Planning Page  

Language Arts  
          Fluency Lists for Phonics for Reading Program Level 3

           Grammar Game Part 1 
           Grammar Game Part 2 

            Writing Checklist for kinds of writing

      Creating a Lab Report 

     Notebooking Pages
          Sir Isaac Newton and Antoni van Leeuwenhoek
          My Science Pages - generic page for any topic in science
         Different Kinds of Dolphins

    Lapbooking Pages/Folds 
          Cells Lapbook cover, vocabulary words part 1 and notebooking page for 3 kinds of cells and Hooke
          Cells Lapbook, vocab words part 2 and kinds of cells folds

     Notebooking Pages
           common multiples and least common multiples 
           MOTL Math 5 a day Template and instructions for setting up your math binder
           Even and Odd Numbers Practice 

      Christopher Columbus
      De Soto discovers the Missisippi

      A Patriots History of the US notebooking pages (adapted from the book)
             The Age of European, and Portugal and Spain Explorers
World History 
Outline for World History Text "Patterns To Interactions".

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