Thursday, September 15, 2016

Essay Writing ~ A Paragraph Organizer

We are working with IEW's Elegant Essay Course over this past month before we move onto their Level C Continuation Course and I decided to create a graphic organizer for their Paragraph Organizing Formula they use called "SEE",

SEE is an acronym that stands for Statement, Explanation, or Example. This is a very basic formula when just beginning to really organize paragraph writing in a way that is easier for writing quick essays.

The writing organization gets more involved but this is just for starters and I thought I would share this organizer with my readers in case you find it helpful as well.

You will notice right away that it is only for a paragraph ( 1 paragraph). This is not an organizer for a whole essay which would later include the introduction and conclusion paragraph. Those will be added at a later date.

You can find the Body Paragraph Organizer by clicking here on this link. 

I recently created an outline for the Elegant Essay Course so if your using it you might find this outline helpful to you and your learner. Just Click on the links below.
Student EE Outline
TE EE outline

Here is also a handout for work on Thesis Statements and Examples for paragraphs.
My teen is going to take this handout and cut it in half and add it to his writing folder ( tape it to the inside as a reminder when he is writing).

Update~ we spent a few mornings working through this organizer and it worked very well. I did have to alter it as I created an extra explanation/example box by accident and realized that while we were working the organizer but changed it in the link. My teen liked it although it takes some getting used to because he thought he was writing SO MUCH MORE than just a basic paragraph and explained he is now understanding all the components that go into or need to go into just a single paragraph!

Until next time!

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