Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Moving Over, and Adding NEW Content Over Time

Since September of last year I had been posting periodically over at my Learners At Home Facebook
Page. Because of issues Facebook now has with the feeds from Pages, I decided to slowly move back over to this place because it is more stable and can reach the people who may really want to take advantage of the time I spend here sharing and communicating our journey forward.

I will be now, trying to pull together time out of my weeks to share items I create for our studies and outlines from programs we are working on.

We are in our last year of homeschooling so the content may be a bit more for the older learner but past archived posts can be extremely helpful to those who have younger learners.

So, over the next few months be sure to stop over here or put yourself back on notifications so you don't miss any goodies and please feel free to share and tell others in case it might help them out as well.

'till next time!

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