Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Career Exploration & Enrichment Course

Here is a very "loose" outline I created for a possible Career Exploration Course for my teen. We will be doing this in 2017 and I thought sharing it might be helpful to some who have teens that might be interested in checking these out.

There are some great lectures and also some good book suggestions in here as well. I may be adding more if we see we have time.

'till next time!


Peggy said...

Hi, Traci,
I am very interested in the career exploration unit. I don't seem to be able to open anything on the post.

tracey desrochers said...

Hi there Peggy~ So glad you mentioned this, for some reason the link for the document didn't go through when I published the post. Try it now. Click the green sentence and it should go through now, if not let me know and I will personally email it to you :)
All the best,


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