Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Quick Tip/Share: A Speech Recognition Program ~

Many homeschoolers use Dragon Naturally Speaking. It is very popular. I just recently purchased it for my teen to increase his productivity for his school work as time becomes more tight and studies become more involved and longer.

I wanted to quickly share post a quick not about a free speech recognition program you may want to try out as well. Many don't know about it and so I wanted to share this blog post explaining it a bit better than I could~

update: I have started using this ALOT. I find it to be very helpful and saves me so much time with everything I have to do.  
For example, we recently shifted gears a bit with Science and I was able to re-do our outline/guide for science in a matter of minutes! 

Here also is a pdf you can print out ( shared in its entirety) from a school ( Davidson College) that uses speech recognition and may be helpful while doing the tutorials and learning all about it. 

And just in case your using Dragon Spelling- here is a cheat sheet I found ( shared in its entirety) also. 

Let me know if you find it helpful!

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