Monday, August 24, 2015

World History Course for Highschool

Here is our World History for the next two years. By the time this is completed my teen will have learned as much as he can and wants up to the time period of 2011 or so.

I thought I would share this with my readers in case some of you may want to use this as your "guide" and help you get started. Resources are noted in the document so you will probably be able to tell exactly what we were using along the way.

We worked American History earlier in his high school and stopped after going through the American Industrial period so then we thought it would be a good idea to pick up World History and allow it to naturally "connect" and wrap around to where it would meet up with the World Wars etc.,

I think this will work nicely for him and I am happy about the fact that he helped me put this together with his own ideas and resources he found like the "Crash Course" videos and a few of the other things on it.

Along with using this outline another resource that will help and that we will use is the book called " The Timetables of History" by Bernard Grun. You can see a sample of this book here and it will help explain how it works and how you can use it for further connections toward a specific time period.

As I make notes and we find more interesting resources to use with this I will share them and update this post~ On some of the topics throughout the outline there have been some book resources added because my teen showed more interest in these areas for special projects or wanted longer time on a specific area.

Resources I have added so far to this outline are as follows;
Resource as Guide: Kingfisher History Encyclopedia
Resource Timeline: The Timetables of History  
Usborne Internet-Linked Encyclopedia of the Ancient World 
Mathematicians Are People Too ISBN:0-86651-509-7  
Heroes of History by Will Durant ISBN 978-0-7432-3594-5
Website to use:

My teen is going to be dowloading these outlines to his Microsoft One Note, this way he can check things off and use the links within the outline easier, making it more functional. 

update~ I have gone back and forth on this over the past few days studying the outline and because the website my teen is using is entitled Macrohistory, I decided to fine-tune the outline just a bit so that we are diving into more depth as far as time periods. So I am adding the Kingfishers History Encyclopedia ( oddly enough) due to its "tighter" timeline we can use as our guide to jump from topic to topic. Once this is updated I will be posting the new version soon.

I can see this outline is going to be very big so I am going to break it down into time periods; Ancient World, Classical World, Middle Ages, Renaissance, 1601 - 1707 , 1708 - 1835, 1836-1913, 1914-1949 and 1950 to present day ( you can see how the history begins to wrap around).

One of the nice things about these outlines is I left them in document form so you can add your own book resources, take things out and also add notes and things for the different sections as you want.

 Ancient World Outline.
 Classical World Outline.
 Middle Ages Outline
 Renaissance Outline
1914-1949- may be adding a few more resources as we do this section
1950 to present day - will be adding more resources to this outline as well as we work through it

Additional update: Since we are going to be working "cross-curriculuar" this year I wanted to share about a series we are going to be using to introduce science topics for deeper study.  The series may be one you have heard about " The Story of Science" by Joy Hakim. ( you can download samples here)  This was specifically chosen by my teen since he really wanted to be able to carry over his love of history to his science studies and we both thought this was one way to do this. 
In another post that will be based on a Science timeline outline I will share what we will be using for our Science Study/Labs etc., for this year. I am at this point, considering building science right into this outline to make things even more comprehensive. 

Until next time!

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