Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Unit Studies for High School Learners (Part 1)

We are heading back to completely integrated learning at this point. The only problem was to figure out how to organize our transcripts for particular subjects of concern -like Science and its sub-topics. When working through an integrated, immersion-type of learning, a subject like Science can get jumbled up because you can be working multiple sub-topics at one time, depending on what my teen is learning.

His main interest and passion is History so we are using this subject as our core and will build all his other studies around it.

I really wanted it to make sense to colleges so that my teen could show he worked in all areas of Science that would be more like courses, for example; a year of Biology with a Lab, a year of Physics with Labs and then a year of Chemistry with Labs as well.

download here 
I think I figured out a way to do this. I saw this blog post from Homeschool Share  and it gave me the idea of having my teen document the time spent in particular areas so that I could track the areas of his learnng while he worked more integrated on his studies.

I added other integrated areas on the tracking sheet so it can act both as a task list and reminder for the subjects. For example, in History; Art would be any art that was created and artists in that particular time period, Geography would be finding out the location, area and interesting facts about a particular place, where connections around the world ( my teens idea) was added because he LOVES to draw connections between places and events at the same time. ( while working on a specific topic he often goes and researches what was happening in other regions of the world at the time)

I already created a tracking sheet for my teen to add what he works on but decided to tweak it a bit more so that we can track time and his efforts in more specific areas. By using this kind of tracking I am sure this will help in documenting all the areas of Science and other things needed to have a completed transcript. You can find this unit study tracking sheet here.

We are really looking forward to starting our new year of studies this way. Will keep you posted on any changes and how things are moving along~

update~ I am planning on printing these off and having them bound into a spiral book ( or you can add them to a binder for less money too)so that we can keep them all together so I can go back and use the information ( that is all in one place) for transcripts and portfolios.

Until next time!

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