Thursday, September 17, 2015

Evaluating our Time -Moving Over to Facebook

I have decided to step away from the blogging world for home learning~ having only one learner at home allows me to be able to work in my Studio and do some of the things that I had not had time to do previously. ( kind of nice don't you think?)

I will be keeping the blog open for the archives because my time has become more involved in my Studio. I will not have the time to keep up with the effort involved with the blog and  have decided to keep up with my followers and my sharing of our information over on my Learners at Home Facebook Page.

This blog has been fairly quiet over the past year or two as the boys had gotten older and there is not much traffic so I don't really feel the need to continue on for others as I had in the past.

I wish all my readers many blessings in their journey to home school and home teach their children~ and thank you for the time you spent here at Learners At Home and plan on seeing you over on the Facebook Page of Learners at Home. 

All The Best,

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Science Portfolio "Share"

Sometimes your learner can run out of ideas or needs encouragement to present their information they have learned in different ways.  Here is a print-out I created for my teen to add in the front of his science notebook binder to help remind them that they don't have to only do essays or narrations for all their science learning.

Quick Tip and Share: Text To Speech

Since we have been posting about productivity tools I thought I would share something that also can be really helpful for functionality and productivity in your home studies.

Text to Speech programs can really be helpful as well. Here is a free download version by Natural Reader . Upon considering the free version vs. the paid version there isn't huge differences when considering what you will be doing. Be sure and check it out when you have a chance.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Quick Tip/Share: A Speech Recognition Program ~

Many homeschoolers use Dragon Naturally Speaking. It is very popular. I just recently purchased it for my teen to increase his productivity for his school work as time becomes more tight and studies become more involved and longer.

I wanted to quickly share post a quick not about a free speech recognition program you may want to try out as well. Many don't know about it and so I wanted to share this blog post explaining it a bit better than I could~

update: I have started using this ALOT. I find it to be very helpful and saves me so much time with everything I have to do.  
For example, we recently shifted gears a bit with Science and I was able to re-do our outline/guide for science in a matter of minutes! 

Here also is a pdf you can print out ( shared in its entirety) from a school ( Davidson College) that uses speech recognition and may be helpful while doing the tutorials and learning all about it. 

And just in case your using Dragon Spelling- here is a cheat sheet I found ( shared in its entirety) also. 

Let me know if you find it helpful!

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