Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Unit Studies for High School Learners ( Part 2)

I decided to add a "Part 2" to my most recent post for Unit Studies and Integrated Learning. I thought it might be even more helpful to share what I am doing and how I plan on doing more Integrated Learning with my teen.

I looked around the internet and really couldn't find too much in a way of examples of doing this kind of learning so I thought I might share some ideas and things that I am doing with this topic.

I have learned recently that Unit Studies can also be known or referred to as Project Based Learning/Studies and also Integrated Learning/Studies.

For us, there are two huge advantages using integrated learning and they are as follows:

1. Retention will be much better - I believe with the immersion, intensity and relevance aspects this adds to my teens learning, he will without a doubt, be more engaged and active in his learning and retention of material.

2. Time to fit in a great deal of information and get many more subject topics included into our day instead of working one separate subject at a time. Our tracker will greatly help in pulling Science in and Writing in where on some days we just didn't have enough time to get to it.

The only subject area I don't plan on adding to the Integrated Learning is our Math. Only if it truly is obvious like in some sciences with Chemistry, Physics and some sub-topics of Biology. I feel that at this stage my teen needs to continue on with his math as a separate subject but do plan on adding in the math whenever possible, when it is appropriate with using graphing and such he will be practicing in his Algebra. I think adding the area of Math is much easier when the learners are at much lower level areas of learning instead of doing it during the high school years.

our finished spiral booklet
Here is a picture of our finished booklet I had made. It came out great and I plan on using the back side of the page for my son to write any additional delight directed learning on it with the resoures he used so I can track those as well.

I plan on trying the "post it note method"
 ( created by Lee Binz for adapting delight directed learning into well organized transcripts - found in Chapter 10 of her book
 "Setting the Record Straight" )  as well and sticking them to the back of the pages so that I can have everything in one place for me once I am read to bring all the information and resources together for portfolios and/or transcripts.

In Part 3 I will begin to explain how we are working this kind of method and would love input and feedback from my readers if they have any ideas/suggestions to add~

Unil next time!

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