Thursday, August 20, 2015

Literature Study~ An Outline for IEW's Windows to the World

This year we are using IEW's Windows to the World for our Literature Study. As with most things we are using it loosely as a "guide" more than diving into each and every nook and cranny.

UPDATE:9/16- I created a Teachers Edition that can be used for ANY book you select. You can find it here.

I made up an outline( you can download and check out the outline here) for us to use while reading " "Lord of the Flies" and then decided to make a very "basic" outline so we could use it for any book we choose. We are not using most of the initial pieces that were provided in the program since my teen would rather pick out his own pieces. So this "basic" outline will really help him out.

My teen has a whole list of books he plans on reading aside from his reading he will be doing for History and Science this year. I think he really enjoys reading literature. So far, his favorite authors are C.S. Lewis, J.R.R Tolkein and also Ernest Hemingway.

I thought it might be helpful to share my own resources I have kept over time and have used. This way I can clean up my book marks pf older resources we will no longer be using and also share for those who may want to use something I have saved. Here are some resources I have either used or saved to use for our Literature:

Homeschool Share is a great place to find literature based studies for all kinds of areas I had many book marked from volcanoes to fictional books like Farmer Boy to Sign of the Beaver, Cricket in Time Square~ you should check out their site often if your looking for a literature study.

( One study we will be working this year is The Plague since we are working integratively this will coincide nicely when my teen works on The Middle Ages for his history) We will be adding to this of course because he will probably want to dive much further into more details as he goes. But this will be a resource we intend to use.

Invitation to World Literature - this is a course/site we may jump into now and then and I wanted to share it with you in case you may find something interesting to use as well.

American Passages- A Literary Survey - this is from the same site as above. We plan on using this one even more as we move through history and integrate the literature with the time he is studying. It will work nicely as it proceeds to introduce the learner to literary movements for different time periods and authors. Perfect for us!

Language of the Land- Journeys into Literary America - this one is another gem. One that we can read and pull from about all the different regions of the US. Again, perfect addition to our integrated learning.

Novel Study Guides for the Classroom Teacher - this is one I wanted to share, we don't really work our literature study in this fashion as it is a more traditional model of the public schools but wanted to share this one for anyone who may work literature in this way with the questions etc., Sometimes the questions can be used as great writing prompts if you need that.

Cummings Study Guides - if you can maneuver through all the ads and have patience this site can be helpful especially while using the outlines I am using as it touches upon many of the literary tools you can use in your literary analysis.

Literature Websites - a list of all kinds of literature sites to check out for all ages. One that stands out of this big list for us was American Literature it has a bunch of goodies here including short stories. Another is Carol Hurst's Childrens Literature Site. If your integrating your curriculum you can find some neat things here. 

Web English Teacher- a great site for a more traditional approach to literature study

DAWCL-Database of Award-Winning Childrens Literature - a really helpful site to use when looking up a specific time period

Literature ClassicsGlencoe's Authors List- I love using this as a reference for a time period.

Online Guide to American Literature - this is GREAT also for looking things up according to a time period.

I hope some of these resources are helpful and will post back any others I find to share about~

Until next time!

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