Friday, October 31, 2014

Why We Ditched Formal Grammar Instruction-An Article to Share

We stopped learning Grammar in the traditional way with workbooks, worksheets and rules a few years ago. Why? It wasn't working. It was boring, dis-jointed and I found it really had no effect on how their writing was progressing. ( which is the main point of learning Grammar isn't it?)

I tossed out the books and got them writing and then even more writing until we were writing narrations and writing about all kinds of things in all kinds of ways. We wrote narrations, notes, outlines, mind maps etc., and for the more formal writings we would go back and read over our their work together and fix, add and adjust things while being armed with a good solid grammar resource to help us along.

We are still using IEW's program called Fix-it as well and it is a quick way of practicing and learning grammar in context instead of learning it as a separate subject.

Here is a great article I found that talks about three best ways to teach Grammar. I thought it was very good and may be helpful to some who might be finding formal Grammar instruction unsuccessful.

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