Monday, September 8, 2014

Note-taking Methods to Consider

Here are some examples of note-taking methods I found helpful. Some may look very familiar to you when reading through the information. As with anything we come to read over, take what you want and can use and leave the rest.

The boys are taking a series of lecture courses this year from The Great Course Teaching Company and these resources may be helpful to us in some ways.
Here are some resources;

Note-Taking Systems 
5 Methods of Note-taking, distributed in its printed entirety from University of Redlands - I found this one most helpful
Methods on Note-taking from Alexandria Technical and Community College
Note-taking Methods from Massey University

Until next time!

New Year of Studies: Drivers Ed Resources

I have one teen who is just about to get his license while I have another who is just beginning to learn about driving and will begin practicing this late Fall.

I wanted to share some resources I found to help us out;

Drivers Ed Guru - this is a free instructional site to help us out
Drivers Ed Log we use here in New Hampshire ( each state is different in their laws)
Online Drivers Ed Resources 
Resources for Drivers Ed Teachers 

Hope if you have a soon-to-be driver like we do that you find these resources helpful !

Until next time!

New Study- ASL ( American Sign Language)

This year our teens are working on learning Amercian Sign Language. ( ASL) I found some great resources to help them do that.

Here are some for you to check out if your interested;
Signing Naturally by Cheri Smith, Ella Mae Lentz and Ken Mikos - a workbook type program accompanied with an interactive DVD 
Lifeprint- a website with tutorials/lessons for learning signing
StartASL - anothe website with lessons
Teacher Tube- a song for learning to sign the ABC's for finger spelling

Until next time !

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