Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Planning a New Year of Studies~

I decided that July would be my planning month for our new year of studies. I am going to be planning and re-organizing each subject of study for the teens.

After having worked much more heavily in the Charlotte Mason approach over the past few years we really are still shifting even more in that direction ( with a bit of a tweaking here and there) ~

As I plan things more, I will be sharing my thoughts and ideas in each area, what has been working and how I may change a few things, to make certain areas more accomodating to meet my teens needs. I will also be offering my thoughts on why certain items were chosen to provide a bit of insight into my and my teens thoughts.

Most of the courses and studies are chosen by my teens. I allow them to have a say in what they will be learning and how they wish to learn the information. So we, at this point in our home learning work together in choosing what is going to be used, explored and worked on.

Stay tuned for our planning outlines and hopefully it will give my readers ideas/suggestions for their own planning and organizing~

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