Monday, February 3, 2014

Quick Tip and Share: Using Comments Feature in Microsoft Word

Computers have made writing so much easier. There are many different things we can use online to help us with our writing.

Do you still print out drafts of your learners work during the editing process? You don't have to~

I am finding when working with teens and writing or for assignments that have been worked in Microsoft Word it is much easier to edit and work with them online instead of printing out drafts.


The "Comments" feature in Word really helps with this. You can annotate and/or make corrections you would like the student to see "before" making any changes right on the page.

I am still trying to learn how best to use this but so far I find it really helpful to put all of our online work and writings in Dropbox and work right from there. Each teen has a folder in our family dropbox. Under each of the teens folders are sub-folders for each subject of study and inside those are their work we add in. I use this very often and it is a great cloud for the storage of the items they have worked on before and are currently working on now.

Here is also some more information about this tool in Word. And here is how to go about using it. I think it is one of those things you play around with to get it right. How I am using it, is I go to the line or word I am referring to and highlight it then I click on "comments" in the ribbon above and it gives me a bubble to type in comments.

Its a great way to work with teens who might not have time to sit with you and go over something they are working on~ I really think we will be using this more and more as we go along.

There is also a quick little video on how to use this feature also if you want to check it out. This particular link can be helpful if you have older versions of Microsoft Word.

 I can see how it would be great for collaboration on a project for Co-ops and other things where you might have more than one author.

If you have other ideas on how you use this tool I would love to hear from you.

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