Monday, January 6, 2014

Math: Comparing Fractions

We are just getting back to school and reviewing what we learned before our Christmas Break.  Math is an area that I planned to review more today than actually have the boys work a lesson just because there are so many concepts that they might not remember how to do.

We were reviewing fractions and the concept of "comparing" and my son wasn't actually remembering how to go ahead and do this. We looked over the previous lectures on it, since at the time he was learning it did not need to take notes but now he wished he had made a few notes on this topic.

As we listened it was still confusing so I pulled up the link practice he had done before Christmas and he found it much easier to understand.

I thought sharing this might be helpful since after looking at the quick method of doing this by cross multiplication and having practiced it on the game it seemed MUCH easier~ so here is the link resource:
Comparing Fractions: Computation Practice
Comparing Fractions from Math Playground

If you haven't ever used Math Playground you might be pleasantly surprised at this site and how great it is for trying to learn something or for practice games in a specific area.
Math Playground

Happy Reviewing!

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