Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Teaching about the Comma~

This is a bit harder to teach when learning to write well. Comma's are really important they can change are writing drastically and I needed to find some resources that would help my teens understand them better. I found some link resources to help us along a bit more and I thought you might find them helpful as well.
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The Comma Story by TEDed

Comma Rules and How to Teach Commas

Pasta Punctuation - this was so adorable and creative I just had to share for my readers with younger learners.

A Power Point on learning Commas- from Primary Resources ( see down at end of google list for the link)I really liked this very straightforward -
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here is some online practice you can use as well from Daily Grammar. When at the link just go to the bottom and click on "next lesson" for the following lessons.

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