Thursday, September 18, 2014

Freebies~ Books for Reading

Here are some free online resources for finding books for your home learner; ( some of these resources are for much younger learners, however, they lend themselves to us for really helping us dive deeper and easier into literary analysis so we use some of these, even now) 

I believe using all different levels of reading material is much more helpful to learners. Whether your using easier stories and reading for older learners to learn and pick up new skills for writing or using a much older book as a Read-Aloud for our younger children both can work very nicely.

If there are some resources you can share please post and share them as well;

Free Kindle Books online from Ben and Me

Elementary Reading 

Children's Storybooks Online 

Children's Classics 

Aesop's Fables 

McGuffeey Readers 

The Main Lesson

Heritage History 


Page by Page 

Classic Reader

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