Monday, September 29, 2014

Setting up your History Binders ~

History is a huge topic. It covers SO MANY areas that it can be a bit overwhelming as to how to organize and break down these topics of study.

One the of the advantages of keeping an organized binder is being able to have a place to properly and appropriately document all the information that was covered. You will be happy you have that at years end because it is a great tool for your learner to use as he needs to refer back to things throughout the year and also to use as documentation for what was covered over the year and can be fun looking back at what was learned for your learner.

Here are some suggestions as an attempt to help you get your World History binders organized so that they are functionally effective for your school year:

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Freebies~ Books for Reading

Here are some free online resources for finding books for your home learner; ( some of these resources are for much younger learners, however, they lend themselves to us for really helping us dive deeper and easier into literary analysis so we use some of these, even now) 

I believe using all different levels of reading material is much more helpful to learners. Whether your using easier stories and reading for older learners to learn and pick up new skills for writing or using a much older book as a Read-Aloud for our younger children both can work very nicely.

If there are some resources you can share please post and share them as well;

Free Kindle Books online from Ben and Me

Elementary Reading 

Children's Storybooks Online 

Children's Classics 

Aesop's Fables 

McGuffeey Readers 

The Main Lesson

Heritage History 


Page by Page 

Classic Reader

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Teaching about the Comma~

This is a bit harder to teach when learning to write well. Comma's are really important they can change are writing drastically and I needed to find some resources that would help my teens understand them better. I found some link resources to help us along a bit more and I thought you might find them helpful as well.
photo credit 

The Comma Story by TEDed

Comma Rules and How to Teach Commas

Pasta Punctuation - this was so adorable and creative I just had to share for my readers with younger learners.

A Power Point on learning Commas- from Primary Resources ( see down at end of google list for the link)I really liked this very straightforward -
photo credit 

here is some online practice you can use as well from Daily Grammar. When at the link just go to the bottom and click on "next lesson" for the following lessons.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Quick Tip/Share: Fractions & Math Foldables~

I recetly had a conversation about Fractions and reviewing them and remembered that we will be going over some things in the area of Fractions as well. I like using foldables and things that are more visual to review things so I thought I would share some things I have found;

Fraction Review foldable to make

Math Foldables- these are for several different areas

Factors and Multiples Mini-book

Reducing Fractions to lowest terms- this is a freebie from TPT website you can register for free as well to use the site

Cheat Sheets to use for Math topics

Hope some find these helpful for your learning or your review~

Until next time!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Note-taking Methods to Consider

Here are some examples of note-taking methods I found helpful. Some may look very familiar to you when reading through the information. As with anything we come to read over, take what you want and can use and leave the rest.

The boys are taking a series of lecture courses this year from The Great Course Teaching Company and these resources may be helpful to us in some ways.
Here are some resources;

Note-Taking Systems 
5 Methods of Note-taking, distributed in its printed entirety from University of Redlands - I found this one most helpful
Methods on Note-taking from Alexandria Technical and Community College
Note-taking Methods from Massey University

Until next time!

New Year of Studies: Drivers Ed Resources

I have one teen who is just about to get his license while I have another who is just beginning to learn about driving and will begin practicing this late Fall.

I wanted to share some resources I found to help us out;

Drivers Ed Guru - this is a free instructional site to help us out
Drivers Ed Log we use here in New Hampshire ( each state is different in their laws)
Online Drivers Ed Resources 
Resources for Drivers Ed Teachers 

Hope if you have a soon-to-be driver like we do that you find these resources helpful !

Until next time!

New Study- ASL ( American Sign Language)

This year our teens are working on learning Amercian Sign Language. ( ASL) I found some great resources to help them do that.

Here are some for you to check out if your interested;
Signing Naturally by Cheri Smith, Ella Mae Lentz and Ken Mikos - a workbook type program accompanied with an interactive DVD 
Lifeprint- a website with tutorials/lessons for learning signing
StartASL - anothe website with lessons
Teacher Tube- a song for learning to sign the ABC's for finger spelling

Until next time !

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Quick Tip/Share: Free Online Class Scheduler

Here is a freebie I found online in case your in need of creating a schedule for your learner. Its fairly easy to use if you want to try it out from Grade Tracker. 
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Until next time!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Quick Tip and Share: Notebooking Your Way Through Algebra

Here are some resources to help your learner with Algebra note-taking.

Math=Love blog has a bunch of folds, graphic organizers and ideas for learning new Algebra concepts.

Solving Equations Foldable

Coordinate Plane Foldable 

Understanding Expressions Foldable 

Solving Systems of Equations

Integer Foldable - there are many other things on here that you might find really helpful as well.

I am sure as we move through topics in Algebra I will be adding more and more to this list, possibly making some of our own as well and I will be sure to share these as we go along~

Until next time!

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