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Planning our New Year of Studies - Science

I am just about finished with our planning for Science. We are using two different programs for each teen this year ( we usually do). We are working a very different kind of science curriculum this year. Its Inquiry Based. And we are quite excited to get going on it.

The program gives the student a list of questions each week and the student then is asked to research and write about the topics. My teens LOVE to research and inquire about things so this will be a great fit for their science learning. I find when they have to look things up themselves and don't end up reading from a dry text they actually absorb and enjoy the information much more.

Bridget's website explains much more about how the program is and you can find samples on there as well.

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The program is called Science for Highschool by author  Bridget Ardoin

Older teen:

My older teen is working her Chemistry Program. We are working this excluslively wth all the Labs and also had gotten the molecular model as well.   I will be creating an outline for this program as I work it with my son and may be pulling in a few extra hands on activities as well and will post those as we do them.

Further supplements we may be using are;
Chemistry Demystified by Linda Williiams
Fizz, Bubble and Flash - this is a much younger book, however, some of the topics and images are great to use and activities as well.
The Elements: Ingredients of the Universe by Ellen McHenry ( another younger text/unit study) but it deals with chemistry in the kitchen what fun ! and can't pass this one up~ we will be pulling bits and pieces from this unit study.
Chemistry ( Eyewitness Books) - great images and good solid resource for basic facts and information.
Glencoe Chemistry: Matter and Change - here is another version onlne.

I know we will probably use more and as we do I will post about the units.

Younger teen:

My younger teen is going to be working the Biology Program. I completed an outline for it and we are working all her labs/dissections ( there are MANY) in this program and he is really looking forward to it. I also am adding in even more hands-on activities like creating 3D models for cells etc., and will be sharing these things as we go~

For this program ( considering its Biology) I have many resources that we may use while working this program we use several of these for images, further reading etc. ~ some books we will be using for this particular program are;

Web of Life Textbook
Explorig How Life Works: The Science of Biology 
Biology Coloring Book - as part of a more hands on visual approach in understanding things this book will be a great help in understanding.
Apologia Biology - we are using this text ( bits and pieces only) to pull a few experiements from. I have all the prepared slides from this course and many coincide nicely with Bridget's program.
Apologia General Science - as I mentioned we wanted to do some 3 D models and hands on things and in this text is a great activity in creating a model for DNA.
The Story of Medicine by Anne Rooney 
Human Anatomy Coloring Book by Margaret Matt - I found a free download for a coloring book here. 
Cells & Life: Dna & Genetic Engineering - we liked the images in this booklet and will be using those
Blood and Guts by Linda Allison 
Biodiversity by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent

I still have to fine tune things for Biology and its resources and I will be sharing those as we move through the units. For example I have a bunch of DVD's from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute on Diseases, Biodiversity among other things that we can use.

Until next time !

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