Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Planning our New Year: Math and Economics

This area of planning wasn't too tricky for us this year.  I find certain subjects can be harder than others to cover and find just the right program. These two areas I found were not all that difficult for us.


Both Teens~
We had been using Teaching Textbooks and have found it to be great for the boys who really do better working a program that has both auditorial and visual instruction, so we are keeping with this program.


Older Teen:
My older teen's course is enttitled Economics II ( having done other resources for Economics in previous years I decided to make this an extension of those )  will be doing a course from the Teaching Company enttitled " Thinking Like and Economist: A Guide to Rational Decision Making". While also reading the following books; ( these he picked out on his own) "Capitalism and Freedom" by Milton Freedman and " The Case for Gold" by Ron Paul. And " The Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism" by Robert P. Murphy, PHD.
My older teen is very interested in this area which is probably why he knew right away what books he would rather read.

Younger Teen:
He will be working Economics I and will be reading over a book entitled " What Ever Happened to Penny Candy " by Maybury and Williams. I really feel this is a great introduction to the world of economics and this will be our second time through this book ( having done this one with my older teen ).

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