Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Planning the New Year: World History & Government

I am finally finished with planning out our World History ( for the most part).

Our 10th grader
I created an outline that my teen can check off and work on throughout the year. I decided to keep it in outline form so that it can be more flexible working at his own pace on more or less work some days.

I know I will be adding in things like more History through Art and also Composition assignments but didn't feel I needed to add them directly to the outline since he is working across his curriculum for many subjects.

Here is the outline in case you would like to take a look at it.

I am very visual and so is my 10th grader~ I went ahead and sort of color coded certain items so that they were more easy to find. It seemed to work well and broke up the list nicely.

We are using a ton of resources for this course. Don't let it overwhelm you in thinking your course may not be enough. I have a gifted, history loving teen, who is completely enthralled with history which is why this outline is so robust.  I am molding this course to suit his needs so for others, they may find things that they can add or leave out for their own course.

The list of resources for this outline:

* RC History and its core texts they recommend for their program.-this is a Roman Catholic based History
*World History: Patterns of Interaction -( I own this book but this link is through a teacher's website he uses for his classroom) here is yet another that if you look in the left hand side you can use guided reading handouts and notes on different chapters ) - for a more secular, well rounded world view in world history
I had made up an outline a while back to help me break things down a bit more. You can find it here.
*Glencoe World History Text - ( I actually just found this link, I own this book as I had purchased it but this link is to an online version from a teacher's class) -again for more secular, well rounded approach and also using these images for any posters, lapbooks etc., he wishes to do ( he still enjoys working folds/lapbooks for his history )
*Map Trek
*Dinah Zike's History Foldables

I believe I could have kept going with this but decided to not go any further~ there are so many great resources out there for learning History it can really be overwhelming, even for me!

Our 12th grader  

My older son who is in his last full year of home learning will be working only one semester on World History. I am calling this course World History II and it begins with Revolutions and Nationalism from 1900 on. The text he is working from is World History: Patterns of Interaction.

His course for World History II is shortened this year. He will be working this and then the second semester working a US Government course from Oak Meadow.

Until next time!

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