Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Learning about Cells and DNA

For our Biology Course Outline, the first two weeks we are going over Characteristics of Life,Cells and Cell Processes. Here is some information I have gathered that we are using that is outside of our books we have.

On the course outline I incorporated all our resources, hands-on projects, link resources, and lapbook suggestions and reading extensions  for each unit. It was a simple check list that I created and color coded each activity that was done for the unit so it was easy to read, check off and understand.  Here is a sample of the outline page: (as you can see, I always color code things - blue was more the actual resources/books we are using, while the white area is the questions and queries, purple is for all projects and activities, pink is all link resources, while green is Labs and quiz' s are in grey) 
just an example of how I create my outlines for lessons

Before going into the resources I found and am using I wanted to share about a resource I find that I keep going back to for Biology. It is called The Biology Corner. It has a bunch of great information many will find helpful in many areas of Biology. It has worksheets, tutorials, lesson plans and learning resources. There is so much here to check out. Even an Anatomy and Physiology Textbook to use right on their site. Be sure and check it out if your in need of a Biology resource. You could actually use this site along with the Textbook "Biology" by Miller and Levine and would be set for your year in Biology.

Even FURTHER, a fantastic article on writing in science~ I found this very fitting considering this year we are writing across our curriculum. 

General sites we used for our Cells units~ 

Cells Alive - this particular site goes over Cell Biology, Microbiology, Immuology and Microscopy.

Here is a printout for a coloring page of an animal cell. here is another just in case the first doesn't come out correctly.

Here is a printout for a coloring page of a plant cell. 

Here is a printable for the Prokaryotic Cells and Eukaryotic Cells 

Take a look inside a Cell

Cell Processes: 
Mitosis and Meiosis 
Mitosis coloring and diagram

Meiosis cut-out activity to work on 
Comparing Mitosis and Meiosis 

DNA the Double Helix coloring page

Projects and Activities:
Jello 3D Model of a cell.
Ziplock Baggy model of a cell 
Create a 3D model of DNA
Create a 3D model of DNA from Pipe Cleaners 

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