Friday, May 31, 2013

An Art Resource~

We have been working on some art pieces and I wanted to share about a resource that I have known about for a while but might have forgotten to share~ the boys have a bit of an advantage( or even maybe a disadvantage considering the perspective your coming from) with their creative learning because we have our own art studio in our home. Being a freelance artist has its advantages when it comes to teaching art to my boys at home. I have LOTS of resources I can pull from and lots of supplies always on hand and if I don't I know where to go and who to call if we need something~
Artist Daily 

One recommendation I have for learning about different mediums is a great website called Artist Daily. It provides lots of great information and they have some very helpful free resources there to use for your budding artists at home.

It is free to subscribe so you can enjoy looking around at all the resources and freebies they provide. I highly recommend you checking this site out as a resource for your art learning at home ~

*one more quick resource to share- Famous Artists from the Practical Pages Blog.

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