Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Strive & Thrive: Combining Subjects When You Can

We have had a really interesting couple of months. Because we are homeschooling year round we decided to take "breaks" from certain studies and focus more attention on other areas. By doing this I am finding that is becoming increasingly easier, (as my teens get older especially) to combine subjects.
our Reconstruction Lapbook we started with an outline for an essay

When working on our focused studies we are able to easily bring in and review "Skills Learning" (grammar & usage, writing, comprehension, current events, art and much more). So far while working more closely with History and Science as our focus I have been able to bring in other areas and I am really happy and am learning how to really condense our studies so that we are covering much more material, and covering with a great deal of more depth and we love it.

The one thing we hated was taking our mornings and jumping from one subject to the next~ having to take out the writing program and then its time for history or science and sneak in grammar etc.. this really felt disjointed and having tried this more focused learning we are really enjoying things and my teens are seeing much more relevance in their learning. I suppose its giving a reason why we have to do something. And for teens that really seems to help make a difference with boredom or the lack of interest we see in teens so often.

I have found it takes just a bit more time to organize my resources we will be using but I am finding tricks to organizing by using a written outline and/or planner to help me. We are making use of more books that sit on our bookshelf and I think its a worthwhile option to try out. I am considering switching completely to working this way from now on especially where I have older learners and many of the "skill subjects" (excluding math of course) are mostly learned and reviewed at this point in their learning.

If any of my readers are interested in more information on how I am doing this feel free to post and ask and I can explain things in more detail~

Happy Learning!

A GOOD reminder~

In continuing to research topics for our mini-units I remembered a great resource to help me along. It is a daily newsletter that provides a link per day to explore. Each day covers a different subject the resource is a free to sign up, website/newsletter called Clickschooling. You can also explore the archives ( see bottom of page).

Happy Learning!

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