Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Math Notes for PH Mathematics Course ~

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We are starting a new Math Course with our youngest. It is Prentice Hall Math Course 1. Since the Teachers Editions are now all on CD ROM in PDF version. I took some time to go through it and made some notes for myself so I can quickly skip to where I need to be in the program. You can find these notes here.  Anyone using this program might really find these notes helpful, which is why I thought to share, when looking at the Teachers Resources on CD ROM.

Note: I am finding the easiest way to work this program is to load the New Paced Lesson plans into the Lesson Book. The Lesson Plans that are pre-loaded shows all the information, objectives, lesson vocabulary, materials needed and th elist of activities and descriptions along with links for the information and resource.

Happy Math Learning!


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