Sunday, August 18, 2013

Quick Tip/Share~ Math Worksheets

[New Series for Fall- Quick Tip/Share- a series where I will quickly share a resource or tip I find helpful]

Many of my homeschool friends and readers know that I have never been a huge fan of worksheets. That is now suddenly changing.

There are tons of worksheet generators and sites to find worksheets out there. I have looked through them and used a couple. My boys now are getting into higher math and that means worksheets ( working a couple extra problems) might be needed here and there.

I found a great site  ( Math-Aids.Com) that has an added feature to it. Student Solutions to answers. These are IMPORTANT for error correction. Its nice to find worksheets with answers and in my case needed, since I am not that much of a "Mathy" person.  Finding worksheets that have these solutions to the problems they work are critical in solving problems with error patterns in their math learning.

We have been using their Operations of Operations worksheets and it has made all the difference for my teens ~  be sure and check this site out and find worksheets with worked out solutions instead of always just using a page with answers on it.

If you have any sites you have found that have great worksheets with the worked out solutions for answers please post and share!

Until next time~ !

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