Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Learning and Practicing Order of Operations

We were reviewing and learning Order of Operations this week~ aka, PEMDAS, BEMDAS or even PEMA whichever, its learning the order of the operations performed in a multi-operational problem! :)

Its easy in the beginning~ learning about always working the parentheses and/or brackets. It is only one step we need to remember. However, multi-step problems can be tricky! We found that out~

I thought I would share some resources that my good friends have given us as well as thing I have found on the internet to help with teaching and learning this concept/skill;

Here is a blog that shares a math foldable that helps sort out the order of operations so that it might be easier. My friend Cindy shared this with me and I instantly loved it because it helps make it much more visual for my guys. I also liked how it shows how the multiplication and division are worked at the same time (working left to right) as well as the addition and subtraction (again working left to right). So the acronym "Please Excuse My Dear Aunty Sally" can be a bit mis-leading and I think that was happening to my teen.

Here is a set of worksheets that I loved. Helping to slowly advance in the steps so that they are not getting too confused to early.

Here is the other resource the author of the blog mentions ( Math=Love blog) that she got her idea from :)

I share these just in case  you want to look through these blog resources to see if there is something else that might be helpful to you~

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