Saturday, August 31, 2013

Quick Tip/Share Series: Learning History in a Snap!

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This site could be used for both history lovers ( I have two of those) or the learner who just really doesn't find history interesting and would rather be doing something else~  The American Memory site has a section Today in History where you can click on the section and learn all about something that took place in history for that day~ its great!

I think it can be a great resource to use for a writing resource as well as a quick lesson for history as well.  


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Quick Tip/Share~ Type-it-in Notebooking Pages

Here is a type-it-in generic notebooking page I just created. My teen prefers typing and loves to do notebooking pages so I am trying to bring both of these things together.

Here is a page you can type on. The directions on how to go about using it is typed right on the page. It is a pdf so it will save in your google docs or where ever as a pdf so the format shouldn't change.

Read over the brief directions and try it out and see how you like it. I am going to be making many more in different styles etc., and also will be looking for other programs to make typing on notebooking pages even easier!

Here is one more I created with smaller lines for more room for typing. (these have been added to my freebies page)

Share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions as well I would love to hear from you~

Quick Tip/Share~ Ramping up for Studies

It is that time of year~ everyone is either just about ready to start back on their studies or have already started.

Each year, we start back from our summer studies much slower than most homeschoolers. We only go back to two a day and that seems to really get us going ( I usually choose areas of their interest like History etc., ) and we start back on Math. After Labor Day we will ramp back to a full load of studies with all the classes.

This helps kiddos and us in a few ways~ if you have been off all summer it helps to slowly get back into things and isn't so overwhelming. It also helps with sleep schedules and other things we might be trying to tie up before the new year begins.
Try it out if you haven't already, ramping really makes alot of sense and and can be better for some than hitting the ground running~

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Quick Tip/Share Series: Prime Factorization

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Here is a quick fun online game to practice prime factorization and factoring. It is from the site Math Playground.

Some other resources to practicing and learning this concept are here~ I really liked some of these ideas and hope you find them helpful as well.  You will find lots of great ideas and suggestions for working with factors and multiplies at this site  and this site as well.

Here is one more game that practices Prime and Composite Numbers~ Enjoy!

Happy Learning!

Monday, August 19, 2013

A "Generic" Notebooking Page ~

Here is a generic notebooking page I created this morning. My youngest wanted a page with image boxes a bit bigger than the ones we had already so he asked me to make this one and I thought I would share.

This page can be used for any subject where you have images or drawings~ he thought it was just perfect :)

You can download this page here.  This page has been added my freebies page as well.

Quick Tip/Share~ New Science Units

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Did you know about The Happy Scientist? Scientist Robert Krampf has created a site for learners to go and explore videos and learn about many different areas of science.

There is now new units of study for Minerals and The Process of Science, Food Webs and a unit on rocks is being built out and is in progress. We can't wait till these are ready :)

The subscription is very reasonable and my youngest son love these videos~ be sure and check it out when you have a chance.

Happy science learning!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Quick Tip/Share~ Math Worksheets

[New Series for Fall- Quick Tip/Share- a series where I will quickly share a resource or tip I find helpful]

Many of my homeschool friends and readers know that I have never been a huge fan of worksheets. That is now suddenly changing.

There are tons of worksheet generators and sites to find worksheets out there. I have looked through them and used a couple. My boys now are getting into higher math and that means worksheets ( working a couple extra problems) might be needed here and there.

I found a great site  ( Math-Aids.Com) that has an added feature to it. Student Solutions to answers. These are IMPORTANT for error correction. Its nice to find worksheets with answers and in my case needed, since I am not that much of a "Mathy" person.  Finding worksheets that have these solutions to the problems they work are critical in solving problems with error patterns in their math learning.

We have been using their Operations of Operations worksheets and it has made all the difference for my teens ~  be sure and check this site out and find worksheets with worked out solutions instead of always just using a page with answers on it.

If you have any sites you have found that have great worksheets with the worked out solutions for answers please post and share!

Until next time~ !

Friday, August 9, 2013

Four Day Lesson Planner Page ~

Here is my other Lesson Planner Page I created this week. This is geared more for a younger learner who still enjoys lapbooking, notebooking and is still doing read-a-louds.

I used this more specifically in the area of History and Geograpy~

Happy Planning! ~

Unit/Lesson Planner Page~

I needed to condense a few of our units before starting the larger lessons in September. I created this Unit Lesson Planner Page ( it is for four weeks of lessons) ~

Just fill in the boxes and your on your way to having a four week unit study planned out~

(Scroll down for the next pages to fill in to print)

Happy planning!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Literature Study: Mark Twain, Adventures of Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn

We ended the Reconstruction period in May of last year and now are moving ahead toward learning about the Railroads, the Western Frontier and so Mark Twain fits in nicely in this time period.

We are reading together the book "The Trouble Begins at 8: A Life of Mark Twain in the Wild, Wild West"  by Sid Fleischman. And so, I thought reading one or two of Mark Twain's writings might be perfect. We decided on Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

To change things up a bit and since my youngest is reading several other books at this point I found an audio book of it so that he could just listen and follow along, enjoying the colorful language of the time.

If we would like there is a literature guide to go along with the book found here. 

Later on, if we want we might go ahead and also do Adventures of Huckleberry Finn as well, along with the study guide.

Happy Reading~ !

Learning and Practicing Order of Operations

We were reviewing and learning Order of Operations this week~ aka, PEMDAS, BEMDAS or even PEMA whichever, its learning the order of the operations performed in a multi-operational problem! :)

Its easy in the beginning~ learning about always working the parentheses and/or brackets. It is only one step we need to remember. However, multi-step problems can be tricky! We found that out~

I thought I would share some resources that my good friends have given us as well as thing I have found on the internet to help with teaching and learning this concept/skill;

Here is a blog that shares a math foldable that helps sort out the order of operations so that it might be easier. My friend Cindy shared this with me and I instantly loved it because it helps make it much more visual for my guys. I also liked how it shows how the multiplication and division are worked at the same time (working left to right) as well as the addition and subtraction (again working left to right). So the acronym "Please Excuse My Dear Aunty Sally" can be a bit mis-leading and I think that was happening to my teen.

Here is a set of worksheets that I loved. Helping to slowly advance in the steps so that they are not getting too confused to early.

Here is the other resource the author of the blog mentions ( Math=Love blog) that she got her idea from :)

I share these just in case  you want to look through these blog resources to see if there is something else that might be helpful to you~

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