Monday, June 17, 2013

Planning Pages~

I am in the process of going through all my bookshelves in our study and as I do I am boxing up older programs and things we no longer will need now that I have two teens home schooling in high school.

I started working with a planner last year and found it really helpful to me. And this year, because some things are changing just a bit I couldn't seem to find exactly what I needed as far as planning lesson studies and weekly planning so I decided to just go ahead and create my own to match my needs. I needed something  more simple than what I had been searching for ~

If your interested in looking at them or using them you can find the following planning pages by clicking on the links:

School Year Calendar - you can print out and adjust this editable calendar to map out your days off and any other specific things in your school year.  I used the one below with the color coded days. You are able to edit the calendar by adding your school name, color coding etc., before printing.

Weekly Lessons Page
photo of what it looks like in my binder 

The Weekly Lessons Page is where I have all the subjects and days that we study. The top where I have "note" is where I add words from their writing to use for their ISL  ( Individual Spelling List) and also make notes on trouble areas or ideas I might have in a subject.

The row with the Subject is where I add my days~ you will notice I didn't put any in there. That's because I don't have a specific day where I am going to begin so I will write those in. We normally school Monday thru Friday but that could change over the summer studies and winter because of the delight directed ideas, drivers ed or anything else that might come up. By not adding the days I have the freedom to just add them as I go~

For English I use mostly IEW products so I broke down the English section into sub-topics so that it makes it easier for me to quickly write down where we are ~

Working Lesson Map & Lesson Outline/Syllabus -

       Explanation: the Working Lesson Map is a page I created so that I could pull together all my resources/programs we are using. I use many different things at one time for units or lessons so this helped to me take advantage of resources I find and have on my shelves.

       Explanation: the Lesson Outline /Syllabus is a page that helps outline the lessons specifically I can print this off and give it to my teens or use it to create assignments or lesson plans in HST Online.

I kept both of these in "document form" so that they can be edited if someone wanted to adjust things to have it fit their own needs.

Grading Page:
photo in my binder 

I use HST Online, yet I have not been as good as I should entering in all the grades on time so I found a grading page to help me keep the grades organized until I have time to add them into the HST System. Look under Grade Book Page over at Busy Teachers Cafe and you can find it there.

Generic, Printable Lesson Plan Page:
I also found a really generic Lesson Planning Page - click on the Lesson Plan2 over on the Busy Teachers Cafe site.

You might also find some other forms on this page as well that you might be able to use in your own Home School. ( thematic planning sheet etc., )

As I printed these pages out I was able to three hole punch the weekly lesson plans so that on one side (left) I would have one student and the other I would be able to see the other student (right hand side) so that at a glance, I could see each teens lessons for the week.

The grading pages I three hold punched so that I could see the full spread of the grades as I enter them in. Each teen has his own subject grading sheet and I labeled each grading section with a sticky tab for each subject. Its rather simple but very functional.

I can keep all my lesson planning notes, outlines and grading sheets all in one place my binder so this will be much more functional for me and I will have enough room for writing notes and adding things in the binder as I go.

Hope this is helpful if you have been looking for planning pages but haven't been able to find just the right ones for your home school :)

Until next time!

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