Friday, March 15, 2013

Strive & Thrive: Online Document Collaboration

We have been  focusing this year on practicing grammar in context. This means that we spend much more time editing written pieces of work. And by doing so the teens learn how to make better use of structure and style in their writing.

Working together on a document can be a bit tricky if the written piece is on your teens One Note or on a document on their laptop.

I realized what we needed was some kind of online collaboration to work together on a a particular document in real time.

 I found an article 5 Ways to Collaborate On Documents Online in Real time  online to use that I am going to be learning more about.    I will probably first consider Google Docs since this has been recommended to me by other people who have used this.  I found information on how to actually start out using Google Docs for collaborating here.  This seems fairly simple and easy for us to use.

At this point, we don't really need to use a tool that has multiple users that will be chatting online but I loved learning about these because I could see a possibility of using this with them in the near future.

Here is a listing of a few more suggestions for document collaboration. You might see some duplicates recommended and so these are usually the ones I seriously look at using first.  I also found yet another resource listing for more to choose from here.

Happy Collaborating!

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Mindy said...

I love this! I've found it hard to get kids enthused about grammar, and I love collaborating (expecially with technology), so I'm a big fan of this post. I also have a blog to share free teaching resources I make, so I can really appreciate this! Best wishes!


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