Monday, January 21, 2013

Writing About History~

I had been going over some lesson plans for our history program. I  wanted to share about how we are now jumping off from IEW ,  setting it aside and venturing off on our own, for writing.

It has started off nicely. The boys have been working on writing from their history lessons. History tends to be one of their favorite subjects so this is a great area to start off  with, since we are making this shift in our writing practice.

The boys are also starting out this Semester working on their own Readers Journals which I have shared about previously in another post. The Readers Journal writing is geared more toward a response to literature.

With history there are a number of areas we plan to dive into. Here is a neat link  I found that can give me some ideas and them to while writing in history.   If you look to the left you will see different types of writing about history you can go through and read through and print models and such for your learner. I liked it. We may not use all of it, but I liked the models a great deal and plan on trying it out.

Class Zone seems to be a great addition to our history learning. My younger teen and even older teen enjoys the animations and we end up looking up other things that goes along with the chapter's animations and information.

When you have History lovers, writing about History can provide endless opportunities for research, writing and editing practice.

When we edit our papers I end up almost always referring to our Fix it, Appendix section and or IEW Checklists to dress up our writing and those help us with the style and structure. We end up with a more polished piece of work. Not all of the Journal entries are used for teaching, only a few, I let them choose their most favorite topics.

Happy writing!

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