Monday, January 7, 2013

We're Back! Now Organizing and Getting Going~

We start back with our studies this week. Today went rather well for taking a few weeks off for the Christmas Holiday.

bailey at four weeks old 
A few new things have happened around our house as well; we decided we will be getting a puppy~! yes, a puppy, phew his name is going to be Bailey.

And for some of my readers and followers they will recall me mentioning from time to time some issues with my health.

I am finally getting some answers and so far have been diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia and also Fibromyalgia.

Since being diagnosed and having these health issues sort of come to a head I am re-vamping a few things because I need to make things for me as easy as possible on days when I might not be feeling so well or have as much energy as I had before.

I don't think I will be able to keep up with my other plan for using HST Online or an online planner. I need to be able to just write things down and get going while I have all my energy etc.. I also am finding I need to match things more closely to how we work and it will save me less time and trouble in the long run.

I recently created these grading sheets that I am going to be using to keep my highschoolers records up to date for transcripts and portfolio time. I am not sure if these will be helpful to you, my readers but decided to post them anyway just in case.
Here they are:

                           Math Monthly Grading Sheet

                             History Monthly Grading Sheet 

and others~
English Monthly Grading Sheet
Science Monthly Grading Sheet 
Art/Music Theory Grading Sheet 
Foreign Language Grading Sheet 

When I add more I will be posting them~ We are going to be pretty busy this month. The boys start Flag Football and also joined a Teen Homeschool Group, now that I have two teens it makes things much easier for activities.

Our 16yo is going to be learning how to drive as well ~ whoo hooo
(kidding, lol ) should be fun!

I hope all my readers enjoyed their Holiday and hope the new year brings many blessings to you and your family.

Until next time~

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