Sunday, January 20, 2013

Quick Little Tip~ for Long Divsion

I sometimes wonder if I should post something. I wonder if it will be worthwhile for people to read. Often times I don't end up posting, but I am going to try and make a shift and post these silly little things anyway, just because when I posted this idea to one of my groups I had someone who found my idea really helpful.

So I may be posting Quick Little Tips every now and then when something comes up that I find helpful.

The other day I had my younger teen working on his dreaded long division.  His writing was all over the place and things really weren't lined up at all.

He isn't a graph paper kind of kiddo. Doesn't like trying to fit all those numbers or letters in the boxes. I am not into graph paper myself.

I decided to try something else. I took a piece of unlined copy paper and folded it in half top to bottom. and the took both sides and folded them so they meet in the middle like you would a letter.

When its opened it has great boxes and spaces for doing long division or long multiplication. He has done this since and its worked out great!

Hope you find this helpful~ until next time!

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