Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Literature Study: The Magicians Nephew

We are starting a new literature study from the Narnia Series
"The Magicians Nephew".

Our youngest learner ( my middle schooler) is going to be reading this book and creating a  lapbook and Readers Journal for the chapters in the book. ( see below for more information on the Readers Journal)

The  lapbook I found is from Homeschool Share for this book. You can find it here.

update*1/17/13: here is an activity link  ( teaching guide)I found to go along with the series, it can be helpful for narrations or journal questions or activity ideas.  Also Hands of a Child has a project pack for this book selection as well.

Keeping a Readers Journal

What will the Readers Journal have in it?  Here are some suggestions~
(readers journals can help inspire creativity and practice more naturally in writing, kids often times write better about things they know.)

*Responses to the reading and chapters. What opinions the reader has about a conflict or problem or their interpretation to the authors writing.

 * Interesting quotes the learner might really like and their response to it.

* vocabulary words that might be new or neat words they might like ( whether a word they don't know or a neat name of a character they really like and want to use for a character in their own writing)

* interesting facts about places, people or cultures that they find most interesting and wish to know more about. ( sometimes this can spark an idea to do an essay or research paper about a particular place, topic or culture)

* responses can be added in the learners journal, by using the Socratic Method ( often used today in colleges) and leads to appropriate literary study and interpretation.

* digital images, drawings, or doodles can be added also with the writings to make it more visually inspired.

There isn't a right or a wrong way to create a Readers Journal it is the learners own writings and can be very inspirational. If your learner is stuck then model it for them. Write a paragraph or two about a book that your reading and show how to interpret the authors story and information, I would bet you'll find it just as fun~ this is also great for Book Clubs, learners can bring their journals to the clubs and share bits and pieces of a book the Club is reading.. the possibilities with this are endless....

Until next time!

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