Thursday, January 17, 2013

Biology for our Science~

Both teens are working two different Biology programs. I am having them work two different programs because of age, ability and also style of learning.

 One teen is much older and needed a much more comprehensive kind of science learning. I sat down to compare  the different kinds of  curriculum at the beginning of this year after finding the choice we had made for Physical Science just didn't work out as well as we had hoped so after about 6-8 weeks of trying it out we then realized we needed to move on.

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My older teen really wanted to work Biology it is a great interest area of his so I decided to go ahead and look only at Biology programs.  The best fit for him right now is Apologia's Biology 2nd edition.  He started with it and is really enjoying it.

I found a schedule he can follow that sort of breaks things down into small chunks, which really helps because there is a great deal of information that is covered in each module.

You can also find more things to go along with this at Donna Young's site.

We also purchased Live and Learn's Lapbook/Notebook so that he can mix things up and do the On Your Own questions and Vocabulary in each module a bit different. He likes the change.

My younger teen is working Science Fusion "Diversity of Living Things". This program is an online, interactive text that has a workbook that goes along with it. He is also doing lapbooking with it. He is making his own folds as he goes along in the lessons.

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It is going along very well and he really is finally enjoying science and how interactive the program is. We also bought other topics from this publisher as well. ( see link above).

Happy Science Learning!

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