Thursday, March 8, 2012

Learning about the Election~

We have been consistently following this years election campaigns. We have watched all the debates. We discuss the topics that candidates debate over and it has been very interesting to share this with  my teens.

Here are some resources I plan on using a bit for further learning~

Step by Step on the Campaign Trail~ a brief overview of information that deals electing a president.

Christian Homeschool Hub ~ there is a notebooking and lapbooking download that is very good, generic so you can fill in information that you feel is pertinent to their learning and understanding.  Also there are presidential flash cards that are wonderful for learning about the presidents. Each has a picture and information on each president.  You must be a member of CHH but I believe it is only 1.00. There is lots of great resources here. You can see a preview of this download here.

Election Lapbook from Homeschool Share~ based on the book The Ballot Box this is a lapbook unit that can be adapted for older learners by using the folds and finding other resources for them to explore. The book is excellent for younger learners ages 5-9 or so.

Joy Christian School ~ some resources and lapbook folds to use.

Free Presidents Lapbook ~ from Homeschool Share

ONLINE Resources for learning about the election process:

Learn about Elections and Voting has several resources about voting and the process.

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