Tuesday, March 6, 2012

CM Style Subject Planning Worksheets ~

It's Spring in many areas around the United States and for many homeschoolers that means planning.  Many tend to plan in the Spring for the new year that is approaching.  

I finally finished the CM/RB style planning worksheets I had started a week or so ago.

You can find these planning pages here. I hope some find these helpful. There is a series of pages on main page for all subjects then broken down by each subject study to provide more room for listing living books.

These pages can be a great way to stay on track, keep track and stay organized throughout your school year while maintaining a more CM/RB method in your home teaching.

Taking Stock: Focus Today~ Learning Grammar

I am spending some taking stock in what we have done, how we have grown and changes we have had along our way. I have been clearing things out (bins, cabinets, bookshelves) and stepping back to really take the time to see what has worked and what just isn't working and re-vamping some things. The Spring weather seems to do that to us, we want to say "out with the old and in with the new"~

I thought I would start a new series entitled "Taking Stock", each post will focus on a different topic, subject of study or idea.

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