Monday, January 16, 2012

Picture and Music Study Made EASY ~

I am so excited to share this with my readers I can hardly contain myself~ to use Nadene's ( author of Practical Pages)  phrase "A Treasure for CM'ers" this is indeed so true.

She was kind enough to share about this "treasure trove" of items to use for Picture/Music and Poetry Study. Here is Nadene's post she shared.

I started searching All Things Bright and Beautiful and absolutely love it and will be incorporating this into our home learning at once. It also sent me on some bunny trails ( gotta love those too) for resources I can pick up to reinforce our Music Study as well.

Like the author ( Patti) explains in her introduction post,( which shares how to use the blog) we also have had a hard time trying to find the time to fit in art and music into our home learning. I think this will be a perfect thing to use in helping us do just that.

At times, I find myself having to sit back and reflect on so many homeschooling parents I run into that are so willing to work and share their labors with others freely~ it is truly inspiring.

I can't wait to get started on this~ I hope you find these two blogs as inspiring as I have~ enjoy!

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