Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Strive N Thrive: Spelling

Spelling for older learners ( early to mid teens) can be tricky. Some let it fall to the side, while others maintain and continue a rigorous practice daily.

What about a bit of both? Having two Dyslexics and practicing spelling can be very tricky and on some days it could be frustrating.

My Dyslexics are now both remediated. We still work on spelling however, just because this is an area of weakness and struggle. I wasn't about to let it fall to the side, yet, I didn't feel like we needed to have a rigorous 5 day program either.

Most spelling programs never really worked for my boys. The type of program where you have a random list of words and then practice them all week to then test on them on Friday didn't really resonate with my kids.

One would think I would be happy; they achieved 100's most weeks if not 90's. Had no trouble with their lessons in the "workbook" and so what is the problem? If they were in school they would be getting A's right? sure!

One problem though~ try out dictation and writing with my boys, this was a struggle. They work fine from a particular "list" but when they needed to add words on paper for their writing and dictation that was when trouble started to pop up.

We decided on working through spelling for highschool ~ I am using Spelling Power words alongside their own ISL  Individual Spelling List (taken from their writing work) words and we work through these words ( the ones that test incorrect) with PG/OG methods.  I mix up the both because I take what is best and work best for my boys success.

here is how we do it:
working on a wipeboard
While they write and edit their work any words they get wrong for spelling is circled either by me or them (depending on who is doing the proofreading). These words get added to their ISL list I hang onto, or I add this list to the printed daily task list sheet used each day by my younger son so he can check off his work that he completes.

Next we work a group of words from Spelling Power. Once these words are tested, I then add a few more of the other words they had gotten wrong in their writing.

We work the words in several ways;
1. re-writing the correct word as I spell it to them. ( auditory)

2. looking at the printed word and breaking the words apart in segmented sounds.

3. then loop the words to break the words into syllables we can see clearly on paper.

4. We then box out any "words" we see within the words to give us little memory hooks.

     ex., together =  inside this word we see "to", "get", "her". Another example might be to box out "pet" in the word "competent".

example of practice
5. once we do this work, then we do mapping- saying the sounds as we spell it out.

6. my younger son traces out the correct spelling of the correct word.

This whole process takes usually only 15 minutes a day.

I keep post it notes of the words we work on the day before and so for the next day we work on those words again, testing them again and we continue to work on them till we get them right.

Our spelling has really taken off and we are all pretty convinced this process
is working for us.

I hope some of you find this helpful~

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