Monday, October 29, 2012

Some "Reads"

There are SO many books and not enough time to read them~ I had been looking for some interesting read alouds for us for the month of November and found a few things~

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I think this book would be a great read aloud to do for November. The book is about the every day lives of Pilgrims and the voyage on the Mayflower.

Along with Thanksgiving comes alot of myths and legends and Mayflower History  is an interesting site for older learners to use to sort things out a bit. This could be a great unit study also.

Another book I have on our list is "Outlaws of Ravenhurst" by Sister  M. Imelda Wallace. You can read a review about the book here. The book has adventures, secrets, heroes and God's outlaws who were fighting for the Catholic faith during the Protestant Revolution.


I recently shared on the LAH facebook page about a new series our youngest son (13) is starting called "Shipwrecked"  (Island Book) by Gordan Korman.

Right now our youngest is into adventure and survival so between these books and reading maybe some Gary Paulson books he should be all set! Oh and I can't forget about his "Ragweed" by Avi which is yet another new author he loves!
I had showed him "Poppy" but he insisted on reading the prequel first.

Currently my older teen has been reading To Kill a Mockingbird and is enjoying it very much.  
There are some online resources for this~ you can find some lessons and historical background on the book here. and some other lesson plans and activities here.

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