Monday, October 29, 2012

Some "Reads"

There are SO many books and not enough time to read them~ I had been looking for some interesting read alouds for us for the month of November and found a few things~

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I think this book would be a great read aloud to do for November. The book is about the every day lives of Pilgrims and the voyage on the Mayflower.

Along with Thanksgiving comes alot of myths and legends and Mayflower History  is an interesting site for older learners to use to sort things out a bit. This could be a great unit study also.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Strive and Thrive: High School Encouragement

As promised, I plan on sharing anything and everything related to teens and highschool learning.

Recently, I found this must-see blog link-up called Home School No Fear High!

There are some great articles I found and thought I would share this encouragement with my own readers.

Homeschooling can be hard enough but the thought for some home school parents, to home home school through their teens is REALLY scary. I hope to find more resources and blog link-ups like these that share what many of us often feel and encounter with our teens. This article "Encouragement of a Friend" is really wonderful.

 I, myself, have a friend that I share just about everything with she is another homeschooling mom who has boys the same age as my youngest.

 Right now we have been and supporting and encouraging each other in teaching mathematics. It's helpful to have someone you can go to and share things with. Someone who you know who won't judge you for your opinions or short-comings. A friend who has an honest heart and will tell you not what you want to hear but what she really thinks and what is on her heart. We help and encourage each other~ it can be a wonderful thing.

Don't be afraid to let people into your life and home school that you find you have a connection with and can encourage you. It makes the journey so worthwhile and enriches your life in ways that you never realized it could.

Until next time~

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Unit Study: "Old Ironsides"~

We went to visit the USS Constitution and had a wonderful visit.

Seeing and hearing the story of "Old Ironsides" was really inspiring.

The boys really enjoyed the trip to Boston and also the walking tour of Bunker Hill and much more.

I recently found this unit study entitled " All Hands On Deck" for the USS Constitution that we plan on working on this Fall.

Until next time~

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Free Resource: Curriki & More

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I had just come across this "new to me" free learning resource online. I had been reading up just a bit about open textbook projects that are popping up all over the US and came across the mention of this site called Curriki.

Its a really interesting site I plan to look through much more as the weeks and months go by~

Another new site I found for free resources is called Connexions. This site has information to use, share and contribute to. I found some interesting courses like Sociology and others you might like to look through~

Just wanted to share these free resource sites with my readers. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend~

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Strive N Thrive: Spelling

Spelling for older learners ( early to mid teens) can be tricky. Some let it fall to the side, while others maintain and continue a rigorous practice daily.

What about a bit of both? Having two Dyslexics and practicing spelling can be very tricky and on some days it could be frustrating.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bookmarking Organization~

I just learned about this new bookmarking organizer that can be added directly to your desktop. It is called Symbaloo.

This is a really handy bookmarking tool. It is fairly easy to get used to and you can customize this in any way you would like.

It is simple and something that someone can use when you have specific bookmarks you find you use very frequently for daily tasks on your computer.

I really like it. I decided to make this my default homepage for one of my browsers I use and so I can go right on and quickly get to where I need to very quickly.

I hope you find it as helpful as I have~ and if you have any favorite bookmarking sites you find unique, feel free to share with us~

Until next time~

Monday, October 1, 2012

Strive & Thrive: Getting Real

I am not sure if there is anyone out there like me but I have found that when I can find a blog out there that speaks to me about homeschooling our teens or highschoolers I am really interested.

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