Thursday, September 27, 2012

Preparation for a New Year of Blogging~

It's a brand new school year and we are off to a good, solid start. I have many articles and posts planned for this upcoming school year and decided I really needed a better way to keep things more organized and so, for me, that meant better planning.

I went searching for something I thought I would never need or use a blog planner! After searching around and finding some wonderful thing I thought I would share these with my own readers who also have blogs of their own;

here are some of the goodies I found: ( I am always amazed by people's creativity and ideas, these are really wonderful free pieces of work and inspiration) 

Enjoy and Happy Planning! ( click on the photo credit to follow the link) 

ONE MORE THING: my friend Chrissy (thanks girly) shared this with me as I was sharing over on HS Necessities about my organizing. The organizing fun never stops! 

photo credit 
                         Mama Jenn 2012 Blogging Planner

photo credit

Confessions of a Homeschool 2012 Blog Planner

photo credit 

Homeschool Creations Blog Planner Printables

Photo Credit 

Faithful Bloggers Blog Planning Pages

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