Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer Series:

I found this great blog post from a blog I subscribe to, New Beginnings.

I thought it might be a perfect link to share during our summer series for planning and organizing~ there are some really great ideas in these pictures that have been shared of how others organize their learning areas.

We are re-organizing and re-vamping our learning area this Summer. Waiting and waiting for our furniture.

We have opted to take down the huge bulletin board and wipe board from the walls and in-turn add whimsical pictures of our founding fathers, maps and places of interest to us as a family. We also are really into history so we are doing a puzzle of some of our presidents playing a card game and will add that once its done and glued together to our walls.

We had two big tables and now will have a much smaller one, choosing more couches and chairs to sit in with laptops and our books. Teens like this much better I think. It doesn't look so "schooly" ( yes, I probably made this word up, lol )

We still will be using wipeboards, they are really a mainstay in our Math and Writing but I put ours now ( 10x16 or so and magnetic) on art easels on the table instead.

I cannot wait to get the furniture in so we can get the room pulled together for September~I will be posting before and after pictures once its all pulled together~  anyone else changing their learning areas this summer also?

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