Saturday, July 21, 2012

Writing: The Writers Notebook/Readers Journal and a NEW Series!

In outlining our Oak Meadow program this year I learned that it is suggested to keep a Readers Journal.   This Journal is besides the daily lessons and assignments and is for the supplemental reading for each semester.

The Journal is a place to keep narrations and impressions of what the student has been reading. It includes the following;

vocabulary- words they don't know and might need to learn and look up.

quotations- writing down a few passages that the learner finds interesting and intrigues them. OM recommends "only collect passages that speak to you" ( I love that, again this encompasses so much of how a teens mind works and encourages individual self thought and expression, something teen "strive and thrive" on.) ( * see note below for more on strive and thrive) 

summary - writings in their own words on the chapter they read. Not so much writing down the whole chapter but just small pieces of summaries of the reading.

points of interest-  here is where the learner can list three things/facts/ideas that most interested them about the reading. Perhaps there is something they didn't know or something they learned and looked up to learn about further.  ( for me as I read this, it is kind of like a literature based study within a study, but for much OLDER learners) it answers the question of the "how" and the "why" for some teens. - this is particularly helpful for the teen who loses interest fast or gets bored, it can spice things up for them.

personal impact- this is a kind of response area to the reading, it gives the learner a chance to write down their own opinions and be able to back those opinions up.

Now that you know a bit more about the OM Readers Journal, I wanted to also add a component to this~ a visual component. We will be adding pictures when we can to the readers journal I think this will be a great way to inspire further writing and interest.

I had gotten this idea from my homeschool buddy Chrissy, ( thanks girlie! )  who again, shared a great link with us on a group we share together~ it is about keeping a Writers Notebook and is found at Marg Teaching Posters. I loved the idea and thought my readers might also enjoy checking this out. There is also a Writers Notebook powerpoint as well.There are some great photo samples on the web page as well that really can give you an idea of what to do.  Look around also, there is alot more here to check out in the sidebar topics as well~

After subscribing to lots of blogs and sharing with lots of homeschool parents about homeschooling teens and seeing that there isn't as much support out there as one would would like to see- I decided to begin a new series for Fall - it's called "Strive and Thrive". 

There are several reasons for this I feel and we can go into this at the beginning of the series.

This is going to be a series I so intermittently over the course of the year for encouragement, ideas and support in homeschooling their teens.

If your entertaining the thought or if your planning on homeschooling your teen, be sure and check back when you can about this series.

Update~ here is yet another great resource that would follow along these same lines. Its called a Readers Notebook. You can learn and download information about it here.(be sure and scroll further down for older learners) 

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