Sunday, July 22, 2012

Table Top Easels for Learning~

A friend of mine ( thank you Laura F!) shared this project (Table Top Easels) over on our Homeschool Necessities group we share together.

I loved this idea. I could quickly see how this didn't have to be just for Preschool~ it could be for all ages of learning.

As I looked at this closer I began to get ideas of having a holder on it to put writing posters and prompts on it. You could create one for Math, Writing, Grammar, even Spelling~ anything that might be more sequentially learned and has various tidbits of information that is to be learned and practiced.

Sticking things on this easel with velcro dots or taping them on completely and having one for each subject topic that is needed would be a great idea for a special needs learner.

Children with memory issues or a learner who is just starting out practicing a particular topic like long division or long multiplication or geometry could benefit by having mini posters or visuals added the easel while learning.


Damian Spaulding said...

I love that concept! Could you please post the dimensions?

Learners at Home said...

Damian, I don't think they gave dimensions on the link as far as I could tell, but judging from the pictures you could make the dimensions somewhere are around 24" x 24" or so or even a bit bigger to be safe.


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