Saturday, July 28, 2012

Learning and Remembering~

I have often posted about how we work and learn in Math and other sequentially learned topics ~ how reviewing and teaching back is a strong component in our learning at home.

Here is an excellent article I received from a good friend of mine ( thank you Cindy K) about learning and forgetting.

It emphasizes the importance of review and reading in between the lines you can begin to see how a spiral, mastery approach to learning is key to remembering and storing things long term in our memory.

Here are some archived posts that talk about how we work our math and how we strive for mastery in particular areas with my learners having memory  struggles:

Memory Success- Thinking Outside the System
Our Math Notebook - breaks down the review, teach me and lesson

For those who have tried these above or dabbled with it I would LOVE to hear back your comments on how it is going and if you have found success in this like we have.

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